London flights from RM9.99 via FAX!

Good news for budget travellers! Fly Asian Express (FAX) will begin long-haul operations using brand Air Asia X starting from this July. Yay~ :D

Fares are starting as low as RM9.99 to London, excluding tax and surcharges. Wow! This is surely good if we do get to book through the tickets through the overloaded web servers of AA. Maybe I should start planning for trips to London.

My dearest has just left London last night, and I'm missing him terribly. Hmm... why didn't FAX offer this earlier? haiyaya...I would have been among the first to grab a seat :P

Source : AirAsia X London flights from RM9.99


Pooi Ling said...

I am thinking of getting an air ticket to HangZhou. he.he.he...if i managed to book the ticket when it's launched.

rin-en said...

i'm waiting for the JAPAN ONE!!!

firethorn said...

hahaha...me too...they're giving free tickets today! yay~ but the long haul ones have to wait lah..

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