My life: Desperate for a holiday

I think it's a good start. I've sticked to my plan, went for morning exercise last weekend. Then went for a swim. not bad not bad...hahaha... really feels good after sweating out. But then hor...should control myself a little, not to "pig" out after swimming. :P N is such a bad influence on this. tsk tsk... tempting me with all the sinful food.

Been telling myself I need a holiday...I need a holiday...better make some plans soon. Should whack myself on the head, it took me ages to actually go find a holiday package. Finally I surfed to a few websites, trying to best deal to fit my budget, and aaah~ sort of decided the destination and package lah. The problem now is picking a date and applying for my leave. muahaha~ I do deserve a break. The last time I did was ages ago, when I went for Lang Tengah. I miss the beach and the cute fishies!

desperate for a holiday,

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