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Whoa...so many people attended the Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical on last Thursday night. I noticed there are many Malays catching the show. Many were like rich-rich punya datuks & datins, wearing nice-nice punya baju, with eye-catching accessories matching their outfits. In essence, it felt like watching a grand show.

Since MPIB was one of the co-sponsors of this show, they had a special food and refreshments served before the show and during the break as well. Ooh..I like the cendol...hahaha..and the sambal sotong.. ok, ok..get back to the show..

The show was really good, it's quite true that they said it's of the Broadway's standard. But I felt that towards the second part of the show, the grandness of it somehow started to wind down. I thought that it was supposed to be more classical, with the actors all speaking in classical malay, act and walk like old maharajas and sultans, but then somehow they injected a sense of modern humour in it, which makes it looked out of place. ie. the sultan was dancing "saturday nite fever" when he was going to propose to the princess. Of course the audience laughed hysterically, but somehow the classical feel was lost.

The stage looked a bit narrow, but since it had multiple split levels, and strectched to the back portion of the stage, it was just enough for the entire performance. They had props for the mountains, which were movable structures on wheels, to form mountains, and also palace walls, and other functions. And the scene in Malacca port was also shown in great style to portray the bustling atmosphere and how glorious it was at that century.

The nenek kebayan (witches) scene was a bit dull though, because of the dark lighting and the silly dancing and yelling of the neneks. They were ladies dressed in ugly and dark clothes, with long hairs, and spoke in a weird tone, singing witches' songs.

But of course, the story had a good ending to it. The princess (the talented Tiara Jacquelina) and Hang Tuah (acted by the handsome Stephen-Hughes Rahman) were reunited at the mountain. Credits have to given to the whole acting crew, who gave so much effort into their brilliant performance. Tiara was exceptionally good at portraying the princess' emotions through her songs and expressions.

I truly enjoyed the show. If there would be a 3rd season, I suggest you guys catch it as well. It's worth a watch, and support the local arts scene.

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