Wind-Up Sushi

These sushi toys are really cute...imagine having one of these running on your desk..
Your hungry colleagues might think they are hallucinating..what? Food can run? hahaha...

"These aren't anything like the USB Memory SushiDisk quality-wise, and the price reflects it. But Japanophiles will probably want to collect this set of wind-up sushi or get them as cheap gifts for colleagues. If anything, you can relieve the occasional work tedium by getting a few laughs out of seeing wound-up plastic sushi scuttle across the desk.

Click to see close-up

Price: US$12.99
Availability: Office Playground
Device: Wind-up toy
Basic specs: About 2 .25 x 1 x 1.5 inches, hard plastic, pack of 12 of 6 designs"


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