Europe Trip Day 1 @ 23-9

23-09 Fri

5:15pm...got a call from Nix, time to leave office. Told him I would leave in another 10 mins.

6:15pm...reached home, took my bath and had dinner. Still on time. Last minute check on my luggage, trying to stuff in more things into the suitcase, mom's giving me all sorts of advices and questions.

7:50pm...why's Nix not here yet? the cab should be coming any minute..drizzling outside.. dad's calling me a few times advising us to take a train to KLIA. Traffic jams.. Should I cancel the cab? ask the cab driver to send us to Sentral instead? urgghhh....what the heck..stick to original plan.

8:00pm...Saw Nix's car round the corner..the cab is already in front of my house. Loaded our stuff into the cab, quick good byes..and good luck..and we're off to KLIA. Traffic turned out to be quite smooth on MRR2...stopped at Shell station after the Sg. Besi toll to buy reload card..duh~ why can't he buy earlier?? anyway, we're still on time to KLIA.

Check in was a breeze. wandered around the shops..bought a mag. Getting tired from a day's work, and I can't help yawning..gosh, I wish I were already on the plane. So that I could catch up on my sleep..11:55pm..we're on our way flying to Amsterdam...

Nix was on the business class seat...Me, of course I'm stuck in the economy class seat...sigh~ anyway, as long as it gets me to where I want to be..sitting alone ain't gonna be a problem for me.

An indonesian and a romanian guy are sitting beside me. I was sitting in the window seat. Should be just fine, no one to bother me while I sleep. zzz.....I dozed off minutes after I settled into my seat. Meanwhile the two guys were still incessantly chatting in a flurry of French and English...

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