Types of coffee

Next time you step into Starbucks or Coffee Bean, make sure you know how to order your cuppa of coffee...

Espresso is a strong coffee. Under pressure, the steam brews the coffee through dark, rich, roasted, and powdered coffee beans. If you ever see someone downing a small cup of java, chances are that this is what they are drinking, or rather, chugging. Espresso can be served
short or long (allongé), the latter of which has extra water and is thus more diluted. You can add cream or milk as well as sugar to an espresso.

A cappuccino is
espresso coffee, topped (although it can also be mixed outright) with steamed milk or
cream. I prefer cream, but this is a matter of personal taste and health concerns. Cappuccino does not require additional cream or milk, but may be taken with sugar.

Caffe Latte
If you like the strength of a shot of espresso and the creamy appeal of a cappuccino but with less foam, then a caffe latte is for you.

Blend a quarter of espresso, a quarter of
chocolate, add 2 quarters of milk, and top it off with froth. Sweeter than most coffees and less strong.

Café au Lait
This is essentially a Caffe Latte but instead of espresso, regular brewed coffee is used. This is far milder than a latte.

Caffe Americano
Espresso diluted with 6 to 8 ounces of hot water or regular hot coffee yields an americano.

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