Europe Trip Day 2 @ 24-9

24-09 Sat

Reached Amsterdam Schipol Airport. Man! This airport is really huge, bigger than KLIA. It has so many sections, so many shops, so many places to eat...whoa...waited for abt 3 hours before getting on the connecting flight to Glasgow. Had to take a smaller bus to the Fokker plane. Unlike in KLIA we use the Aerotrain.

Finally reached Glasgow Airport around 10am. Breezed through the immigration, and took a bus to Queen Station in the town. From there, we bought train tickets to Edinburgh Waverly station. The train is quite similar to our KTM Kommuter, except it was much cleaner and comfortable. It even had a push carts during the journey selling drinks and snack. Cool! The journey lasted about an hour, along the way, we enjoyed beautiful scenaries, with cows and sheeps grazing the grass, and beatiful houses lined the street.

Reached Waverly station, the station was full of travellers. It was really busy, and we were a little lost. Tried to ask what looks like an info counter, but turn out it was not. So we tried to look at the directory, sort of figured out where the exit. But to our horror, we had to lug our luggage up few flights of stairs! OMG! It was so tiring. We must have looked dumb..anyway, we managed to get up to the top of stairs, and hopped on to the bus at Princes Street to Leith Street, which was where our Breakfast and Bed (B&B) place was supposed to be.

It was further than what I thought it would be. Hopped off the bus stop near a church, and we walked towards Pilrig Street, scanning each house as we tried to locate where was Craigmoss B&B. Almost, halfway down the road, we saw a red house, and we were delighted to know it looks good enough for a few nights' stay.

Another challenge laid ahead, our room was on the 3rd floor. And the only way up there is a flight of narrow stairs. I was lucky to have help from the guy, but I'm still amazed how Nix managed to bring his big luggage up there. Anyway, the room looked comfy and clean. Good. We were then ready to hit those places of attraction in town!

....to be continued...

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