My first taste of Korean Kimchi soup

This morning when I stepped into the office, something caught my eye. There's a bouquet of lilies on my colleague's desk. It was quite pretty. Found out later it was her birthday. Two of our colleagues had bought her the flowers...awww...so nice of them!
So we had a nice lunch party for her at a Korean restaurant along the row of shophouses near Maybank at Sri Hartamas. Although the restaurant's entrance was nothing to shout about...but the food was really out of my expectations.
We occupied 2 rooms, and ordered quite a lot of food. My group ordered a hot kimchi noodle soup, which was served in a steamboat style. It was put over the stove, with the red coloured kimchi soup boiling, and lots of vege, mushrooms, pork and the Korean noodles all in a pot. It looked very tempting and our mouths were salivating the moment it was served. (*of course the waiting did help to stir up our appetites).
The soup was just terrific! It was a lil spicy, tasted a lil like our tomyam, but with more kimchi taste. The noodles were just perfect match with the soup. We also had an extra piece of pancake from the next table. The pancake was so-so, a bit oily I would say. We also had other side dishes, all the pickled stuff, spicy and saltish. By the end of the lunch, we were all stuffed.
Oh...the next room happened to have a birthday bash too! What a coincidence! We found that out when they sang the birthday song too.
Well, the bill came to about RM20 per person for our group, including belanja-ing for our dear birthday gal. Not a bad deal anyway. But it was my first taste of an authentic Korean food. And it was not as bad as I thought. Yum yum.... =D~

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rin-en said...

waahh... =D~ I'm reading your entry at 1am and it's making me hungryyyyy.......

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