Pictures of my Kota Kinabalu trip...more!

I've finally uploaded more of my KK trip photos here. Phew! what a massive job. And that's not all the pictures I've. A few of us have brought cameras, and each of us have snapped different pictures! But I guess these are enough to feast your eyes for now. Sorry for the long wait. Click on the link to view the entire photo collection from my camera (yup, from the newly bought camera). It will show you the places we went, what we ate, and our transportation.

Oh, forgot to mention...nah, we didn't reach the peak because of bad weather. What a waste...but we did enjoyed the trip, very much indeed :-)

At the meeting point of Mesilau Trail and Timpohan Trail...

...not at the peak yet! just at Laban Rata, but the view is awesome!

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