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With the blink of an eye, Deepavali has just flew past us, and now I can almost hear the ringing bells of Christmas (oh, and my “not so far away” birthday too :P)

Well, well...you know what I am thinking? Yup, wishlists and gifts!

I have always like those pretty stuffs that smell nice, and BodyShop deals are definitely somewhere to start…Aah.. some bath gels to pamper myself, or some sweet smelling perfumes, or some hip lippies balm to protect the soft kissable lips.

Of course, if you feel kind of rich and generous enough to spend it on me, take a look at Dell’s deals. A LCD screen or a hip laptop from Dell would be great to decorate my desktop.

Haha..but these are not the only ones you can choose for me. Check out other stores that offers some cool deals at and discount coupons at CouponChief.com

Now, how I wish they have this e-coupons in Malaysia. Kind of make your Christmas shopping easier, ain’t it?

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