I am keen to find out for myself if PayPerPost works for me. I have had a Paypal account registered earlier on, but since the getting payout was a hassle for Malaysians, I did not bother to explore further. That was it until now.

My friend had recently signed up PayPerPost, and so I follow suit. Registration was a breeze, and here I am now writing my very first PPP post while waiting for my blog to be approved. I will patiently see if the money starts appearing in my account after this. And hopefully the money will start rolling in more when I start to blog more posts for PPP.

Since my friend has posted a few for PPP, I shall get check with her if she starts seeing the money$$ in her account. And then we shall share tips on how to blog for some side income. And race to see who get more money! I think this could work. I shall persist for few months to try it out. If it works, you’ll be seeing more of PPP posts on my blog. And I can start planning my next holidays, and how I would like to spend the extra money. And then you should also start joining us. If anyone has done PPP before, share with me how is it for you.


Pooi Ling said...

ooi....where you planning to go next la??? How's the climb?

Amidrin said...

Yes, I've got paid from PPP already. After your post has been approved, they pay u after 30 days from the post approval date. You can count on it.

You have to always check for post opportunity and quickly grab it before it runs out. Good luck to you!

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