Fo Guang Shan DongZen Temple

The Fo Guang Shan DongZen Temple at Jenjarom, Selangor was abuzed with activities and people thronging the place during the CNY. And this year, the it was the venue for Selangor State Open House.

From KL, you could take the KESAS highway and exit of at Banting/Nilai, and drive straight until you reach the traffice lights junction with the police station on your right. Turn right at the junction. It's fairly easy to find the place, as there are signboards once you reached Jenjarom. See the map here.

I visited it on the 3rd day of CNY, which coincided with the Open House celebration. Of course there were free vegetarian food, but those people were so kiasu, they literally pushed their way to hog the food. Scary... :S

There were stamps, flowers, books, calligraphy exhibitions etc. And of course dance performances and lion dance. The whole place was lightly lit with colourful lights and lanterns. Took some pics to share... planning to visit it again on this year's Lantern's Festival.
Lotus Buddha

the 12 animal zodiacs lanterns

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rin-en said...

wahhh..pretty pics...i'll go visit that place some day...

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