Do you smell the whiff of CNY?

Went CNY shopping at Tesco with my family yesterday. Mom and lil sis have been telling me the place is packed like sardines last weekend, the cars were parked all over the place, and spilling over to the roadside. This time around, dad chose to go in the late afternoon, when the sun was blazing on the skin, and you could feel the heat the moment you step outdoors. He said that would be the time when the crowd was lesser.

I don't know how true was his statement though, as the place was crowded as usual. You would think the place was full of free goods, with people pushing big shopping carts and dumping stuffs into it.

Seeing is believing. I can't describe how true that statement is. Commuting only to the office and burying my head deep in the work pile, I felt left out of the CNY festive mood. I didn't even realise it was just a week away, and I haven't even submit my leave request (*oh, I've promptly done so the first thing this morning). But joining the crowd in shopping for CNY stuffs, I could smell CNY. Yup, it's near, and it's very, very near. I could almost touch it. You hear people talking about CNY, red and gold decorations everywhere, and TV stations have started airing CNY ads...oh, it does feel like CNY already.

Now, I should just aim to finish my work before end of the week, and I shall be off enjoying the CNY! yay~

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Diyana Yang said...

happy chinese new year my dear!!!
Muah muah..

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