Am I ever going to be a good first aider?

I had minimal knowledge/experience in first aid during primary school's extracurricular activities. But no actual first aid experience. And I've forgotten all what I've learnt, save for the endless marching under the hot sun. I couldn't understand what marching has to do with first aid. Even now.

Once upon a time, I was eager to acquire first aid skill. Then I threw the notion out of the window long ago. I thought it was interesting and useful to learn that then. It still does now.

This time I caught it in the wind, and volunteered for the first aid training offered that was being offered. This was weird, exciting, anxious...what if I don't know how to save a person? What if I faint at the sight of blood? And most important of all, do I really want to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a foul-mouthed "ah pek"? Eueekk... :S

I counted with my ten fingers and ten toes, and it seemed to me chances of those happening are quite slim. So I threw caution into the wind, and asked to be nominated. So, the timid me is erm..going to be the FEARLESS & HELPFUL first aider! :P Emails were circulated to introduce the nominated first aiders, and suddenly I feel ... "POWERFUL" and "FAMOUS"...

But first will need to come the 2 days training. No worries, I won't faint at the sight of blood. Needles? No problem...maybe injecting into others may pose a teeny weeny problem. And lots of bandages, medicines, first aid kit...Oh, of course, there should be a dummy. For the infamous mouth-to-mouth resuscitation practice of course! What else did you think it was for?


rin-en said...

wah, where you gonna apply for this interesting "part-time" job?

firethorn said...

hahaha..i dunno lah..until today havent gone for training yet. wanna be my dummy doll ? kakaka.. :P

rin-en said...

oh yea man if u pay me 1K per hour, i would love this job to *death (choy... choy...)

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