The books have arrived!

Yay~ A big parcel arrived yesterday, and it's for me! :D Actually that parcel is from Lydia, she has promised to mail the books that I've won in her blog contest. That's 4 books, including one of her recent work, Honk! If You're Malaysian. I'm so excited, and she even autographed the book with a personal message to me. Cool! I've never had an autographed book before. I'm so excited that I dig my head into her book straight away.

The first story itself has made me giggle. How she described the china man in Pagoda singlet...haha.. the fact that it rings so true, that I can imagine the "apek" kissing her in front of before my eyes... yuccck!! :P I'm going to indulge in the book again tonight...can't wait to read the rest... Oh, and thanks Lydia!

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Lydia Teh said...

Hi Firethorn, I'm glad the books reached you safe and sound. Hope you enjoy your bounty.

Aiyo, if an apek really kiss me, I die-lah! Thanks for helping me promote Honk! here.

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