My life: Crappy morning

Some days just start off with crappy events.

- Dad mentioned my car's front tyres looks a lil flat (*btw, how do you say that the tyres do not enough air ha?). Ok, I made a mental note to pump air on my way to work.

- Decided to skip the 1st gas station.

- Stopped at the 2nd gas station, someone was using the air pump. Thought there was another one at the other corner, wanted to drive over. Then a car and stupid motorist acted dumb and blocked my way. Nvm that, I waited and drove over. Car was in an awkward position, reversed and parked nicely. Then noticed it was not an air pump at all. It was actually a diesel pump.
(* Don't ask me why I didn't notice it, I swear it looked similar to the air pump I saw earlier)

-Decided not to waste my time, no air for the tyres, straight to work.

- A few metres before turning in to the barrier gate at the office, suddenly realised I left my tag in the laptop bag in my car's boot. #$!^& No choice but to park aside, came out of the car and retrieve the tag. Made another turn at the roundabout to drive in again.

- As usual, wanted to make my morning coffee. The sugar was out. The helper was refilling. Ok, so I waited. Then when I took my sugar, but somehow the lever turned too much, and I think I would have gotten diabetes from my coffee... Only took a few sips of the coffee, and the rest went to drain.

I don't know what went wrong. I felt everything was ok when I opened my eyes this morning. Just hope the day ends on a right note.

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rin-en said...

I had a bad day once... know how it feels.. :)

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