My life: Dad's birthday

This year, dad's birthday would be falling on a weekday. And weekdays are never a good day to celebrate a birthday, as everyone would be busy with work and study. So we decided to celebrate it earlier on a weekend.

Seems like there were friends who were more eager to celebrate the occassion with him. Since he received some nice gifts even before we get to shop for his gift! Ha! Never mind that, I'm dead sure that dad would still like OUR gift the best :P

Started the day together by having brunch dimsum at Taman Connaught. This shop was less crowded compared the popular corner dimsum shop. The service was quite fast, but don't know why the particular dish of "chee cheong fun" never arrived eventhough we reminded them 3 times. And lil sis found a small dead cockroach on her chopstick when she ate the "lor mai kai". Lucky she was opening her eyes when she ate that! At the end, dad told the lady boss about it, and she nonchalantly brushed it aside and took the plate to the kitchen. So yes, that plate of food was FOC.

After brunch, started to drove mom and sis around to shop for the gift. Had earlier decided to get him a small bonsai plant. So we went to 2 nurseries, and got him a nice lil bonsai without ripping my wallet. Lucky mom got a nice pot from her collection, and I transplanted the plant and added a few lil touches, and there we have our DIY bonsai plant, which looks just like what you would get from the shops. hehehe...

Oh, then dinner was a simple affair with roast drumstick, noodles, eggs and dumplings. I must say I love the roasted drumstick alot, as you could savour the aroma of the X.O wine when you bite in the flesh. :P~ Oh, of course we have a birthday cake to top it off. Hmm..come to think of it, we never had birthday cake for dad. haha.. Anyway, we all had fun and all's well ends well. :D

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