Jalan-jalan: Guilin Xing An (桂林兴安) - Day 1

:: Day 1 --29-01 -- Merryland Hotel & Resort (Xi An) ::

Spent my first week of CNY in Guilin (桂林) this year with my family. Went on the first day of CNY, the flight took about 4 hours, we reached there late evening.

Our very first meal in Guilin was very sumptuous, i think we had about 12 dishes. Probably because it's the first day of CNY, the tour guide had specially arranged for a more "lavish" meal. The food was not the best of taste, but it was definitely something new to try on.

After dinner, we had about another hour's drive to Xing An (兴安) and checked in to the Merryland Hotel and Resort. This 5-star hotel is perfect for the first night's rest towards the rest of the tour.

Oh...our Chinese tour guide was a sweet gal, which we shall affectionately call her Zhu Zhu or Xiao Zhu (小朱).

pic 1: the first 2 dishes for dinner - the local river fish (桂花鱼) and celery with pork

pic 2: the Merryland Hotel & Resort entrance


nise said...

OiK... apa pulak 西安?兴安 is it??? xi an pergi tengok the terracotta warriors liao lah.... pengsan....
hmm... and i thought we counted till 14 dishes including all those deserts and fruits and what else hee hee...

firethorn said...

alamak...tersilap pulak... :P
ok ok...i corrected it already.

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