Jalan-jalan: Guilin Xing An (桂林兴安) - Day 2

:: Day 2 --30-01 -- Merryland Theme Park (Xing An), Elephant Trunk Rock (象鼻山) & City Night Tour ::

After a good night rest on the first night and a good breakfast, we headed for the first destination - Merryland Theme Park (乐满地), which was just beside the hotel. The theme park was, of course nothing comparable to HK's newly opened Disneyland, but it's relatively big for a small city in Guilin. The amusement rides were less thrilling than our very own Genting Theme Park. They only had 2 water rides, a so-so roller coaster ride, a motion master ride and some other "just-for-fun" rides. So if you were
expecting some adrenaline-pumping rides, look elsewhere. In the middle of the park has a big scenic lake, and there are "dragon boats" to ferry you over to the other side of the lake, where a temple sits. An because it is CNY, they also had a doggie show. Anyway, we still had fun. Personally, I enjoyed the Pirate Ship ride (海盗船) the most.

After lunch, we headed back to Guilin city and visited the Elephant Trunk Rock (象鼻山公园). This was a small park, with a rock beside the Tau Hua Jiang river (桃花江), that looks like an elephant trunk. So from far, it looks like the elephant is drinking water from the river.

At night, we went round the city in the bus, enjoying the night view of the city, which was lighted up with colourful lights, especially along the river banks. We also took a walk along the night markets in on the of the main streets, Zhong Shan Zhong Lu (中山中路), where we tried 3 local food:

1. Bing Tang Hu Lu (冰糖葫芦) - small fruits on a stick, coated with sugar.

2. You Yu Wang (鱿鱼王) - name of a stall selling small pieces of meat, lightly grilled, and coated with chilli powder, just like our satay, but it's much more spicier (i love this!)

3. Smelly taufu (臭豆腐) - beancurds coated with fermeneted beancurd paste, fried till cripsy, and coated with spicy pepper powder. You can detect the smelly wave from afar, something like stinky rubbish smell, but it doesn't taste anything stinky when you eat it. You got to eat it to believe me!

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