Baking : Lemon Cake

I couldn't think of a gift idea for N's birthday. So I told him I will bake a cake for him since I've been doing some baking projects lately. But I had to bake this cake one day late as we were both working on his birthday. And this is the second time I'm baking a birthday cake for him :-)

I had lemons in the fridge and I love lemons…so I decided to bake a lemon cake.

This is a very simple recipe. And you could substitute the lemons for oranges, or just have both!
I tried to bake this recipe the first time with my sisters, and this time I baked it on my own. The kitchen was a mess but the cake turned out fine with a sweet sourish syrup drenched on the cake top :-)

fresh from oven

lightly toasted almond flakes

decorated cake with DIY birthday flag

N and his slice of birthday cake



lolipoops said...

oooh i'm very sure u r getting better and better at cooking. When is our turn to have a taste of your culinary skills?

firethorn said...

ya...i hope it's really getting better than going the opposite direction haha :P yet Nix is still ocassionally complaining about some of cooking failures ...
and then I just tell him, I'm not your mom ok? if you like your mom's cooking so much, just go home and ask her to cook you dinner. full stop end of conversation. haha!

if you wanna be one of my guinea pigs tu..just call and visit me on the weekends, then we can sama2 do baking projects or i just whipped out something edible and decent looking hohoho...

lolipoops said...

ahhh.. i guess need time to adjust to the cooking yes?
and about the baking/cooking together - yes please! :P if u don't mind, maybe we can do it sometime soon when u r free. Hmm.. we should do it for our birthdays this year!! whaddya think?

firethorn said...

making birthday cakes for our ownselves...not a bad idea at all!

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