Weather talk of Arizona

Apart from the Grand Canyon, I do not have much knowledge about Arizona. So I looked up abit on the Internet on Arizona.

Arizona is actually located in the western United States, and best known for its desert landscape, also has primarily very hot summers and mild winters.

Since I have not stepped foot in any dessert location, I have always thought dessert landscape primarily has only
scorching days and cold nights. How wrong of me! Arizona has winters and summers in:
Nov to Feb : winter (4–24 °C)
June to Sept : dry summer (32–49 °C)

Just by comparing Arizona's temperature variances with Malaysia (23-34 °C), I think Malaysia's all year round "summer" is much "cooler" than the dry summer in Arizona! And being a tropical country, Malaysia does not experience winters. But the raining season could bring the temperatures down to 22-25 °C at night, which you may say is comparable to the mildest winter of Arizona.

Arizona's weather may not appeal to much to me, but the real estate (e.g. Scottsdale Arizona realtors)
there are definitely interesting and captivating. If it interest you so much that you wish to relocate, there is always the relocation specialist to assist you step-by-step.

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katztales said...

I love the Navajo detective stories set in the Arizona desert: Thief of Time etc...

katztales said...

Hey, where are you???

firethorn said...

katztales - I was out of town the last weekend, and was not doing any blogging. I'll putting up some posts soon! :-)

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