Chihuahua spotted at the morning market

A colleague told me about some stalls in the local morning market in my neighbourhood, so I decided to check it out two weekends ago. I told N that we shall wake up earlier on that fine Saturday, have dim sum for breakfast then head to the morning market. And we decided to bring Kiko along. We were sure the dim sum place would allow us to sit outdoor with our pet.

Hah! How wrong were we. We told them we were ok to sit outdoors, but nope, the dim sum restaurant’s staff still said no. I mean how troublemaker can Kiko gets? He’s such a small cutie! Anyway, we decided not to let the misfortune ruins our weekend and head straight to the food court at the morning market.

I thought morning market are supposed to be the busiest in the early morning. We reached there around 9am, but the place was not as crowded as I expected. We found a good spot away from the main crowd to have our breakfast. Hey, there was a dim sum stall at the food court! Not bad. And no one was there to say no to Kiko. We even saw another couple bringing their furry dog too. A little boy from the next table was saying to his parents “ee..look mom, there’s a little puppy there!”. That little boy was fascinated with Kiko’s small size.

After enjoying our dim sum breakfast, we walked round the market, towing Kiko along. If you are curious to know how a little puppy like him gets around in the market area, teng deng deng… Yup, in his very own "LD" puppy bag (looks like the LV logo right?) :P

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