Pre-wedding photo shoot in HK (Sept-17)

We got the photo shoot package from this shop (MyDreamWedding) in HK.

* Read about our pre-wedding photo shoot package hunt

All in all, we had these in our package:
- 50 photos (including softcopy in a DVD)
- 1 big photo with frame (for putting above the couple's bed)
- 1 medium size photo with frame
- 1 small size photo with frame
- 1 big photo album (for 50 pics, including touching up photos & artwork)
- 2 small photo albums (abt 4R size).
- 3 gowns for the lady
- 2 suits for the guy
- hand flower bouquet
- photo shoot props included
- a crew for the shooting day (1 photographer, 1 photographer assistant, 1 driver & 1 makeup artist)
- transportation to any three locations in HK for photo shoot (fuel & tolls included)
- abt 20+ handouts mini photos to ji-muis (I can't recall how many exactly)
- 1 HKD4000 coupon which we used to redeem for additional photos for a total up 50 pics
- 1 free set of accessories (bling-bling necklace & earrings)

And all these costs abt RM6.5K. We do not need to pay any additional charges provided that we do stick to 50 photos limit.

On that day itself, I brought my bustier and contoured undies (don't know if this is the right term to use). And also my high heels, and the proposal bouquet of little teddies as the only personal prop. No makeup is necessary, and you are supposed to wear a front button down blouse (to avoid messing up your makeup & hairdo when changing into the gowns).

We reached the shop at 11am, took an hour to "transform" me into a doe-eyed princess, but only 10 minutes to turn my "frog prince" into a handsome prince :P Then we were ready to set out around 12:15pm.

These were the photo shoot locations:
1. TaiPo train museum
2. Nam Sang Wai (a wetland area in Yuen Long, supposedly a popular place for movie/tv shoots, but i didn't see any movie stars while we were there)
3. HK Central (the glitzy-blitzy city center with all the shopping boutiques & a neon lighted buildings as backdrop).

It was lucky for us we had clear skies for all shooting locations. Though the weather was a tad too humid for us. I was practically melting! Plus sitting in the car with a tight bustier clusping your breast until you can barely breath...and the bumpy ride.. it was torture to me. I felt sick and vomitted before our last shooting location. But the show must go on. I felt much better after that, but my feet was aching by then.

There were these curious eyes from the people on the streets, looking at us when we posed in the middle of the street, with spot lights and a crew..woo~ I tell you...for a second, you would think you are the movie star! Or perhaps doing a shoot for a glossy fashion magazine.

I tried to smile as "sweetly" as possible. You know, smiling all day does cramp up your cheeks & lip. So I force myself to think happy thoughts, and smile! You can't really fake a smile, it looks horrendous on the photos! We finally finished the shooting around 8pm. Then we headed back to the bridal shop to return the dresses.

4 days after that, we returned to choose the 50 photos. We were quite pleased with the photos. Well, it does resemble what we saw in their portfolio albumns with those pretty models. I thought we both make a cute couple in those photos :P We took about an hour to finish browsing the photos, 15 mins to select from the first location shoot, another 15 mins for the second, and about 30 mins for the last location. Then another 45 minutes to review the selection, choose the photos to be enlarged, choose the photo frames, and finally choose photos for the mini-printouts.

So we now wait till year end to get our hands on the final results.

Phew...that was one big item off our To-Do list :D

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