1st visit to studio apartment

Finally stepped into the studio apartment that I bought with dad few years ago. Some furnishings have been fitted, but it's not cleaned up yet. Took some pictures on the interior.

The entrance, room, balcony, toilet

The kitchen area

The pool area


stubborn-daydreamer said...

wow, nice place

does it cost a bomb? :P

firethorn said...

I bought the place for around RM137k++. So just add in some basic furnitures and eletrical items. I'm paying abt RM800++ for the monthly installments.

小安 said...

where is it located? I am aiming 1 as well if I settle down in KL :)

firethorn said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. This is Maytower in Jln Munshi Abdullah, opposite Capital Square. It's also near to Dang Wangi LRT station.

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