Building your own image branding

Did you know that people do actually subconciously portray their own image branding? Take Jay Chow for example, what would you think of him when you think of him as a "brand"? Creative, quiet, playboy maybe... so you see that's the image branding that are subconciously in you.

I learnt about this image branding just last week when I attended a workshop session organised in conjunction with the International Women's Day on 8th March. There are many ways how people interpret "brand", ie. image, recognition, popular, unique, identity etc.

Just like what marketing people will do a for product or service, they would put in effort to build the branding for it. This is exactly how you would apply the same concept in building your own "brand" to stand out from your peers in an organisation on the way to the top.

So what's the key elements in building a brand?
1. Who's your target?
2. What's the offer?
3. Reasons to believe (RTB) in your offer ?
4. What's the personality associated with this brand?

By incorporating these 4 elements, your brand would be more relevant and convincing. By the way, a brand can be summed up with the following description: all tangible and intangible elements, which together make it unique.

Have you identified what's your brand?


rin-en said...

hmm this is interesting...what do you think my brand is? (*fishing for compliments)

Pooi Ling said...

What do you think your image is anyway? hmmm...u looked different when you had your hair curled, and you look different now that your hair is straight.....

firethorn said...

oo...this is hard...
*scratches head*

rin-en - creative and sometimes stubborn day-dreamer, good listener..emm..no offence ya..

pooi ling - you ah...just like what your birthdate reading says abt you loh..very true la..haha

myself ah...aiya..you should be the one telling me what you think mah.. :P

rin-en said...

ahahaa..stubborn day dreamer, man i gotta put this line in my blog!

i got a long list for u girl...
- talkative, can be overexcited, strict, obeys the rules. careful, no play-play,very caring and can be motherly sometimes..ehehee..(don't kill me pls! :P)

Pooi Ling said...

talkative - only if you want to, and with people that you are comfortable with

nice - sometimes, people who don't know you think that you are kinda snobbish..at least, that's what i heard from others abt you - but i personally feels that you are not and you are quite nice...all the time...

smart - i don;t think i need to explain this, rite?

ehe.he.h.e...are you gonna share with me your $$$? :P

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