58. Break!

OMG...work has been so busy since i'm back from Brunei.
Either my time management is a mess or I just don't know how to handle stress.
I've been doing OT for the past 2 weeks, and I reach home like a wreck at the end of the day.
Well, good news is...I'm taking a one-week break. =D
There were lots of planning to do, little arguments here and there,
and frustrations..but finally all is done..and I'm ready to go off a break tonight!
Yup, I'm following Nix on his working trip to Glasgow and the Hague.
But we intend to cover 2 more places - Edinburgh and Amsterdam.
We've been surfing the net exhaustively over the weekends,
searching for B&B options, attractions to see, scouring over maps,
planning our budget and schedule, the transportation ...etc..
wow, I though free-n-easy trip is supposed be to be easy?? no??
And it ain't "Free" either :P It's buring a hole in my pocket already!
(*guess I have to tighten my belt for the next month..=( yup, no more shopping for me...)
I'm now sitting in my office, it's raining outside...
fridays are supposed to be happy sunny days. cos it marks the end of a working week,
and people should be feeling happy to spend their time with family and friends...
"rain, rain, go away...come again but not on a friday!" :P


rin-en said...

oiyoyoo...somebody so "hamfook" haaa.. touring Euro!!!i want! i want!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah! remember to take lot lot photos and show us!

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