52. Mythical Mallika Sherawat

This is one hot lady..Mallika Sherawat that is.
This hot siren is acting in Jackie Chan's latest movie - The Myth.
Apparently she's no newcomer to controversies and bold talk.
In India where sex is still a taboo on screens, and a hush-hush topic,
it is rare to have a lady bold enough to bare and talk about it.

"Struggling to acquire the tag of India's sex symbol,
Mallika Sherawat has virtually dropped her clothes to clinch the 'coveted'(?) title.
Mallika started out as a small-time model and actress from Delhi
called Reema Lamba before she re-christened herself Mallika Sherawat
(the second name is reportedly her maiden one).
The rumour is that she was already married to one, Capt. Gill from Delhi,
but sadly, the marriage didn't exactly work! (source)"

Her movies have been controversial.
- She kissed the male actor 17 times - kissing scenes never existed in Bollywood movies.
- She had a topless scene in The Myth - gasp!

Date of birth (location) : 24 October 1981, India

Bollywood actresses are getting bolder by day!
Check out some of her photos...

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