I think Kiko loves me alot, here's the proof...

Ive always believe Kiko loves me as his mommy, but I have never thought how much was his love for me.

But I think I know, at least he seems to love me more than daddy N.

You see, Kiko has this silly behavior whenever he sees me coming down the stairs in the morning and when I come back from work.

In the mornings, as I walk down the last flight of stairs, he would be eagerly waiting at the last step (since he's too short to climb the stairs). He would be wagging his tail, smiling and jumping up and down. Once Im within his reach, he would sniff out my bare feet, playfully biting my last toe, tagging along as I walk to the kitchen area. Sometimes, he would be bringing one of his soft toys and laying them beside my feet, as if signaling me to play with him.

The same scenario repeats itself when hes let out of his crate once we get home. You see, the usual routine is to let him pee first before he gets to roam around the house. He would not go to the toilet to pee until he gets to sniff me, unless daddy N gives him a stern warning which then he would reluctantly head to the toilet. And for god-knows-what-reasons, he just like to bite my last toe and tag along with me.

The reason I said why Kiko seems to love me more because he doesn't do this to daddy!!! Of course I get irritated sometimes, and his biting can hurt occasionally. But it delights me to see his enthusiasm in my presence.  Though at times, I think its sign of him bullying me because Im usually take a soft approach towards him while daddy will be stricter in comparison.

Tapi aku tak kisahlah dont think theres anyone willing to greet you enthusiastically every morning and evening like a dog does ;-)



CreativeBitchin said...

kiko's adorable! where did you get him from? he's such a pretty chihuahua - and i normally don't really have much of a preference for the breed. love his colouring!

that said, my cookie's about the same size and she climbs the stairs alright, although coming down was initially a problem (had to teach her how to come down after she kept running up and barking for me to bring her down).

firethorn said...

thanks for the compliments. He is a smart one too! :)

I got him from the local petstore. Wanted to adopt at first, but they wouldn't let us have a puppy. So we ended up buying one.

Jessyca said...

Buaya Jess crawl over your blog la! Lovely dog you have : )

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