Pictures of my garden

I've done abit of gardening around my house, so here are some pictures I took of my beautiful flowers last weekend. The roses have wilted though. I've yet to take a photo of my compost bin, I shall do so this weekend (if I don't forget :P). I can't name some of the plants here, so I'm going to describe it as best as I could here (according to pictures' sequence)
1. Purple flowers (aster??) - normally seen in flower bouquets, mushrooming fast in the planter's box
2. My potted plants in my patio
3. Pink hibiscus at the side fence which are growing quite well, trying to grow a bush hedge there to give us some privacy
4. Looks like roses, but are not. Only blossom when the sun is up. Available in many colours, but I chose red & pinks. Very easy to grow.
5. Red roses bought from Ikea sale. All wilted already by today, but a new bud is blossoming.
6. Wild heliconias - very "fat" and growing quite well in the big pots. I put them in a pot to control their growth. If they were planted on the ground, they will spread like wildfire.


katztales said...

The garden looks nice; but the ATV sounds like it's not worth the repeat!

AquaMax said...

your garden look nice... I prefer to grow them from seed. can try to exchange some with them @ http://cforum3.cari.com.my/forumdisplay.php?fid=163

Anonymous said...


Twiggy said...

uuuu!! bravo! bravo! I just love a flourishing garden!

katztales said...

Love that fish on batik painting - it would make a great wall hanging or bed spread motif!

katztales said...

Hey, missing you in the blogosphere!~

firethorn said...

katztales, sorry I was out of topics to blog. and then I out of town for my Cambodia trip. I shall try to find time to blog about my trip. Meanwhile, read my post about me trying to cook chicken satay (kebabs) :D

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