Hanoi Highlights : Sapa 2

Hike up to top of mountain in Sapa town with Nix, flower & rock gardens
Dinner at Viet-French restaurant along the main street
Walkaround the streets shopping
Enjoy beer and fries opposite of hotel

2+ hours walk through Sapa valleys, villages and plantation fields Lunch at hotel (rating "good")
Walkaround town, bought lychees, peaches, plums
Foot massage VDN 70,000 pp
2015hr night train back to Hanoi

Exotic medicine wines
close up of wine (cobra inside)
View on the top of Sapa hill
after climbing up

view of sapa town from hilltop
Costume rental shop on Sapa hilltop
Tea break at Sapa hilltop
Entrance to the Sapa hilltop
Walking thru the valleys
View of valleys
River gushing thru the valley
the 3 little black pigs
The villagers
makeshift classroom in the village
soft stone carvings
ducks in a pondvillage view
Village map board
going for foot massage

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Amidrin said...

Nice trip you had at Hanoi. I wish I can go there for holiday too.

Btw...if you run out of ideas to blog, maybe you can blog about this http://amidrin.blogspot.com/2007/07/8-random-facts-about-me.html

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