Hanoi Highlights : Halong Bay

0530am reached Hanoi Pho Ga & Viet Tea breakfast at street side stall (eating Viet style)
Took taxi to Handspan's office (Tamarind Café) at Ma May street
0800hr van ride (approx 3 hr, 160km) to Halong City, stopover at souveniers/rest area
1200hr boarded Dragon's Pearl boat for lunch (meals on board rating "good")
Cruise along Halong Bay, sunbathing at boat upper deck, swimming at an island
After dinner, watching stars on boat upper deck and chitchatting

Breakfast at boat deck, enjoying scenery
Visit Amazing Cave (Hang Sung Sot, ie. Hang=Cave, SungSot=amazing)
Back to Hanoi

pho ga (chicken noodle) breakfast near the train station
road side stall selling pho (rice noodle)
waiting at Handspan Travel agent office (Tamarind Cafe, Ma May street)
View of Tamarind Cafe interior

View of Tamarind Cafe exterior
a woman selling flowers at streetside (ma may street)
On the dragon junk boat @ HalongBayView of Halong Bay
on the deck of dragon junk boat

View of Halong BayFishing village in Halong Bay
Fishing village in Halong BayFishing village in Halong Bay
Fishing boatSunset @ Halong Bay
Morning view of Halong Bay
The dragon junk boat "Dragon's Pearl" that we stayed on
Jetty at Hang Sung Sot
Group photo @ Hang Sung Sot
At jetty
Inside Hang Sung Sot Caves
View from atop Hang Sung Sot
Our tour guide (in blue shirt)

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