Guide to Renewing Passport

I heard the Immigration Dept has came up with a ATM-lookalike thing to speed up passport renewal process. Cool! I thought...I was a little sceptic how "fast" is fast. Since mine was expiring soon, I decided to see for myself how this thing works and whether you should be believing in the Immigration Dept's improved efficiency claim.

Things to bring:
1. RM300 for 32-page/5 years renewal fee.
2. 1x passport photo (write your name, IC no., phone no on the reverse side)
3. MyKad
4. Current passport

I reached Pusat Bandar Damansara around 8:15am on a Friday and parked my car in Blok I (which was where the immigration dept was). For those clueless souls, Blok I is block opposite the Giant supermarket. The Immigration Dept is just at the corner. If you decide to go the conventional method, take the escalator up to Level 1. To use the machine-way (which they called "KIPPAS"), then it's just at the ground floor, to the left of the main entrance.

The place was just like your neighbourhood bank's ATM area, there were 3 machines.

How to renew passport:
1. Get a white envelope from a table near the door.
2. Put in one passport photo into the envelope, envelope is not required to be sealed.
3. Write your name, I/C no, contact phone no on the envelope.
4. Line up at the machine, get your current passport, MyKad, RM300 and envelop ready.
5. Follow the instructions on the touch-screen:
Choose language - put your passport - insert MyKad - scan both left/right thumbs - insert money - insert envelop
6. Then wait for the slip to be printed out. Note the collection time on the slip, it will take abt 2 hours before you can collect your new passport.
7. Go to mamak/mcdonald to fill your stomach while waiting for the 2 hours to pass.
8. When 2 hours is almost up, go to Level 1, Counter 16. Show your printer slip to get your ticket number and wait for your turn.
9. When your turn comes, go the designated counter shown on the screen. Be handy with your Mykad and current passport.
10. Check your details and sign on your new passport. Get the payment receipt and you're done!

So the total time spent:
The process at the machine - less than 10 minutes
Processing time - 2 hours
Take number and waiting to collect - 35 minutes
So you can see it takes less than 3 hours to renew your passport. That's what I call efficient and fast! Way to go and thumbs up for the Immigration Dept.

One note, those under 18 or without MyKad are not allowed to renew their passport using the machine. You need to go through the conventional method (filling up form).

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