My life: Thank you for your birthday wishes

Thank you all my friends for giving me nice birthday wishes..

to HY, my ever-goody pal since primary school - I was still slumbering when I got your sms.
to sleepyenzhi, who never missed wishing me happy bd - yup yup..thanks again!
to LaiWan, my gal-pal - thanks for remembering my bd :)
to Nickysin - whoa, really surprised to got your phonecall all the way from SG! And yes, I laughed alot on the phone because I'm happy to get your greetings. and you did remember my bd wor.. ;)
to Auntie KS - i know you don't read my blog, but thanks for wishing me every year :D

...and also...
to my dearest family who sent me a cute sms grreting from Penang because I didn't tag along last weekend,
to daddy dearest, who sms-ed me this morning to say we're having belated celebration this coming weekend somewhere in BKK,

and of course, to my sweetheart..
who gave me his time and pampered me with such a wonderful gift, again ;)


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firethorn said...

thank you, thank you... :D happy new year to you too!

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