Gardening: I'm going to start my own compost bin

I've always like gardening. It gives me a sense of achievement to see my plants grow taller each day or a new flower now and then. Of course, gardening also means the hard and dirty work of pruning out weeds and watering the plants etc.

I was reading sites on gardening few days ago and read about composting. This sounds interesting. You can create rich soil from your kitchen waste. And you can use that rich compost soil for your own garden. It's also environmentally friendly and it's a cheap gardening project.

It sounded simple, and with the minimum tools and some creativity, we can get composting started. There are many "how-tos" on the Internet, so just type in "how to make a compost bin" and you will get abundant information about it.

I particulary like this site, which inspires me with its plentiful ideas. It also has some videos which demonstrate the how-tos of gardening.

So I'm going to try out my own compost bin. Probably pop into the hardware store and see if I can get some tools to get started. And perhaps some wooden stakes/wires for my tomatoes plants too!

I may not be the best gardener, or have any green fingers, but you bet I'll be posting more on gardening stuff ;-)


AquaMax said...

so how is your composting going on?
try to dig up some crawlers and put in it....

firethorn said...

Got an empty old paint bucket leftover from the house renovation. Composting needs time, so the kitchen waste is not even half composted yet.

Nope, I'm not going to put any crawlers in it...eeww! I let nature takes it course..kekeke

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